Family Law Consultation

    • A person seeking legal advice about various Family Law issues may meet privately with me to discuss their questions in confidence to understand better how the law may impact a situation. I am often called on to offer a second opinion in Family Law cases. Clients may also wish to speak with me for planning a divorce or simply for overview information about the divorce process.
    • Parties in Family Law mediation frequently retain an attorney to serve as their independent consulting attorney to provide legal advice during the mediation process and review proposed agreements. I have acted as a consulting attorney in mediation throughout California.
    • Parties frequently choose to represent themselves in Family Law cases but retain an attorney to consult with on an as-needed basis, review documents, and assist in preparing pleadings and preparing for hearings. Clients frequently hire me to assist in these situations.

The consultation is confidential when I am retained to provide consultation services, but I am not retained to formally represent the client in Court. The party decides how often to contact the attorney and what issues he or she wishes to consult.