Complicated family law issues can involve many people, including your children, extended family members, and even your friends. These matters involve personal rights, hard-won assets, valuable investments, and cherished belongings. If you are facing a complex family law dispute, it is crucial that you enlist the services of a trustworthy divorce lawyer who has the experience and skill to guide you through the process.

Family Law Litigation

Family law litigation is the process used to resolve family disputes that cannot be resolved by any other means. This could encompass issues pertaining to paternity, divorce, child support, or more. During this process, a judge will resolve the dispute by creating a court order.

I am confident that there is no case in the field of California family law that we are not prepared to help you address. Here are just some of the areas our I have education, professional background, and trial experience in:

    • External link opens in new tab or windowProperty division, including valuation of your business and personal assets and incomes, as well as distribution of debts and other obligations, including attorney fees
    • External link opens in new tab or windowAlimony
    • External link opens in new tab or windowChild support
    • Reimbursement claims
    • Income assessment
    • External link opens in new tab or windowDomestic violence restraining orders
    • Modifications of current support or custody orders
    • External link opens in new tab or windowPaternity
    • Custody litigation